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Find Your Fight with Darren Hardy


People are either motivated by something they want or something they don’t want.  In this podcast my mentor, Darren Hardy, talks about how identifying an “enemy” can actually light a fire in us and create motivation and persistence as we work toward our goals.  Take a quick listen…



What is your “enemy” in relation to your health goals?  Is it your love of chips, queso and margaritas every Tuesday night?  Your insatiable sweet tooth?  The constant voice of your spouse reminding you how much weight you’ve gained since your wedding day?  The new list of medications your doctor wants you to take?  Or, how about that closet full of clothes that no longer fit?

Whatever it is, use this “enemy” to fuel the fire inside you to make the necessary changes in order to move you in a positive direction.  When you start to give in to temptation or think about skipping your workout, focus on your so-called enemy and let it be your motivation to do the right thing.  You’ve got this!  You have more fight in you than you realize!



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