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How To Host an Amazing Graduation Open House…Without Losing Your Mind: Part 3

Decorations are one way to let your creative side shine!  What?  Not a creative bone in your body?  Have no fear…I’ll walk you through some ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.  Many of these are things I’ve done in the past or seen at open houses I’ve attended.

Step 1:  Choose your color scheme

  • High school colors
  • Graduates favorite colors
  • Future college colors

There is no wrong or right here….Just pick something and go with it.

Step 2:  Display table
Most open houses have some sort of display table set up that serves many purposes.  Here are some ideas that can go there:

  • Memory box – Have a decorated box on the table with a slot where guests can drop in small notes of their favorite memories with your child.

  • Advice or Words of Wisdom box – This is the same general idea as a memory box, but instead, the guests will write their best advice or words of wisdom for the future on the small pieces of paper.

  • Banner – Cut several triangles from construction paper or scrapbook paper. Use a hole punch to put two holes along the top of each triangle and string them onto yarn.  The banner flags can then be decorated with letters and/or designs.

  • Card box or basket – You definitely need a designated place for guests to leave their cards and gifts.

  • Blank envelopes – One way to speed up the Thank You note process is to have small envelopes next to the card box for those who drop off a gift to write their name and address on. Your graduate will thank you for this idea because it will save them tons of time down the road when sending thank you notes.

  • Photos – Includes lots of photos in your display. These can be in individual frames or scattered around the table.  You can also create a photo wall or attached photos to a string with clothes pins and hang this on a wall.  Poster display boards are also a great idea.  They can be decorated and blinged out or kept very basic.  A photo slideshow put to music that can be running on your TV or computer is also a nice touch.  People love these!

Step 3:  Other general decorations

Flowers, balloons and other pre-made decorations purchased from stores can also be used.  These are super simple and usually not that expensive.  We’ve rented yard cards in the past that are placed in our front yard for the party.  It’s a great way to mark your house so people know exactly where to go.  I’ve seen paper plate signs with decorative letters or photos used to line the walkway leading up to the house.

Step 4:  When in doubt, there’s always Pinterest!!  Honestly!  Check out the thousands of pinned ideas for graduation open house decorations.  There are some really cute ones out there.  The nice thing is that there is no right or wrong way to decorate!

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