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10 Energy Boosters for Tired Moms


In honor of Mother’s Day, this week we’re going to be focusing on different tips for busy moms.  Today I’m sharing 10 simple energy boosting tips for tired moms.


Here’s a recap of the tips:

  1. Hit the gym – A 20/30-minute low- to moderate-intensity workout will actually give you MORE energy than you think you have.
  2. Drink a glass of cold water – Drink a glass of cold water first thing in the morning and whenever you’re feeling sluggish, and you’ll amazed at what a difference it makes.
  3. Snack wisely – Make a conscious effort to replace empty-calorie snacks with healthier options and you’ll start to realize what a difference the right food choices have on your energy levels.
  4. Crank up the music – Throw on some upbeat music and watch your mood and energy levels instantly improve. 
  5. Open the windows – There’s just something energizing about the fresh air and sound of birds. 
  6. Move – While doing a morning workout is great for waking you up and giving you the boost you need to make it through your morning routine, it’s important to keep moving in some way throughout the day.
  7. Chew some gum – Simply pop a couple of pieces in your mouth when you feel yourself fading, and it helps you stay more present and engaged. 
  8. Talk to your doctor about supplements – Make an appointment with your doctor to see if he can recommend a supplement (or 2!) to help you feel more alert. 
  9. Refuel – This could mean taking a quick 20-minute catnap, a long bubble bath when your kids are safely tucked into their bed, or an earlier bedtime for a few days while your body recharges itself. 
  10. Adjust your thinking – Studies have shown that if you focus on feeling refreshed and alert instead of tired and cranky, your body will actually respond that way.  You can change the way you feel by simply changing your perception.

My challenge to you is to choose a few of these to try throughout the upcoming week and let me know how they work for you.  I’d love to hear your feedback!

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