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Mastering Your Family Schedule

Today’s families are busy!  Keeping everyone’s schedules straight on a family calendar can be a daunting task.  One of the biggest tools that you have in mastering your family schedule is a calendar.  It doesn’t matter whether you prefer decorative wall calendars, desk calendars or even white board calendars.  The important thing is to make sure it has plenty of room to write at least one thing for each person in your family.

One of the first things you need to do when you start system is to establish routines and a basic weekly plan.  A calendar should be a tool that keeps you and your family informed as to what is going on in your lives.  If you are using a personal planner or electronic app, I still recommend that you have a family calendar located in a central location of your home so that all family members can see what is going on.  This will save you from forgotten games, events, appointments and disappointments.  Since your family counts on you to keep them going, using a calendar will help not only you, but all of your family, as well.

Once you have established routines and a basic weekly plan, you know that you are to sit down once a week to plan the next week.  This is the day that you look at your calendar to see what is happening the following week for your family.  This is much better than trying to rely on your memory to know what is going on for the next week.

How to Use a Calendar:

1. Family Events:  Take the time to sit down and fill in birthdays, anniversaries and general information that is consistent for your family.

2. Schedules:  When you receive a schedule of events for anything that a family member participates in fill it in on your calendar immediately.  Examples are school calendars, sports schedules, dance classes, church schedules, etc.  When you get them write them down.  If you absolutely can’t write them down right then, take a paper slip and clip it to your calendar or put it in the pocket of your calendar to pull out and enter the information on the calendar when desk day comes around.  This will allow you to know what events you can and cannot attend because you will be able to see if you have a schedule issue.

3. Invitations:  First, ask yourself if you want to go to the event.  If you do, then go to your calendar and see if the date is a good one for you or the person that has been invited.  If your calendar is clear, write it down immediately.  If an RSVP is required, take care of that right away.

4. Appointments:  When you schedule an appointment for doctors, dentists, hair stylists, or whatever, look at your calendar first.  Then after you have scheduled them write the appointment down so that you will not schedule yourself into a conflict.

Some calendars and planners come with stickers that save time.  Colored pens, stickers and hi-lighters are all visual aids that may help you.  In the beginning it may take some time to get used to using your calendar system, but just like anything else, consistency and dedication will make it work beautifully for your whole family.

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