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Watch Your Thoughts….

The Seven Day Mental Diet
Guiding Principle 2:
Watch Your Thoughts – Become A Conscious Thinker

Yesterday I gave you a brief introduction of the Seven Day Mental Diet, explained the three basic rules and shared the first guiding principle.  Were any of you daring enough to try to start the diet yesterday?  If so, how long did you last before a negative thought entered your mind?

Our thoughts are so ingrained, and happen so automatically in response to any stimulus, that we don’t even realize that we can actually choose them. But, did you know that you can learn to step back and choose your thoughts?  In fact, if you want to make your life happy and meaningful, you should begin training yourself right away in the new habit of conscious thinking.

 I suggest that you start the Seven Day Mental Diet first thing in the morning. Choose which day to start, plan for it, and then, as soon as you wake up, immediately think of a positive thought in your mind. It’s easier to maintain the habit of thinking positively if you get some momentum going rather than just deciding on a whim that you’re going to change the way you habitually think.

 When you become consciously aware of your thoughts, you can stop the trend of negativity and change the direction.  The conversations we have with ourselves in our head can quickly go from positive to negative with the flip of a switch.  Stop those negative thoughts immediately, and instead start thinking positive thoughts. Then your thinking will go upward rather than down into negativity.

 The key is to stop the flow of thoughts as soon as you become aware of thoughts that are not positive, helpful or constructive, and then make a conscious decision to either accept them or get rid of them. When you notice that a negative thought has entered your head, ask yourself whether it is true and whether it is serving your greater good. Consider whether a thought is of value to you and will help you as you create the life that you want to live. If the thought is of value, keep it and move on to the next thought. If it isn’t, turn it around or choose a different thought.

 You will find conscious thinking rather exhausting and hard to do at first. I mean, we have thousands of thoughts going through our mind every day.  But, if you stick with it, it will become easier. Just as negative thoughts lead to more negative thoughts, positive thoughts lead to more positive thoughts. With practice you won’t have to work as hard to stop the flow of thoughts and you’ll begin to have a more and more positive options to choose from.

If you make up your mind to devote one week to working on a new way of thinking, you will learn how to stick to it even when you’re distracted or faced with challenging situations. Giving one week to conscious thinking may become the turning point for you and even be the most significant week of your life where you’ll later be able to look back and say, “That is when my life changed.”  In the big scheme of things, isn’t that what we’re all looking for anyway?

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