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How To Make a Bad Situation Seem Better

The Seven Day Mental Diet
Guiding Principle Five:
How to Make a Bad Situation Seem Better


Let’s talk about what happens when you do run into situations that are upsetting, disappointing or frustrating and you’re faced with the challenge of preventing negative thoughts from staying in your head.  There’s not denying that the situation sucks.  That’s a reality.  But, will giving up and wallowing in your anger, disappointment or self-pity really make the situation any better?  Does letting yourself be in an overall bad mood make it go away?  How will that serve you? Does it help in any way to let a bad situation drag you down into depression or negativity? Will it help you solve the problem or deal with it in a more constructive manner? Nope, not at all.

But, please don’t get me wrong.  I’m not suggesting that you should try to pretend that everything is great. That’s just dumb. I am suggesting that you step back and look at your situation from a different viewpoint or perspective.  This process is called reframing.

We’ve already said that the key to succeeding at the Seven Day Mental Diet is to interrupt your thinking.  Reframing can help you do it successfully. Reframing is when you look for the good aspects of the situation.  Even when you don’t think there can possibly be anything good in a bad situation, it’s important to know that there ALWAYS is.  They may not be obvious, but with practice you’ll learn to find them and eventually you’ll be able to do it rather quickly.

I’m also not saying that you should pretend that the situation isn’t happening the way it really is.  What I’m asking you to do is to change how you feel about the situation.  Try not to focus on the negative aspects and realize that it could always be worse in some way.  Do your best to turn your thoughts toward the positive.

And, just like we talked about yesterday, you have to be ready with tools in your tool belt when bad situations do happen.  What will you say to yourself to turn a bad situation around?  You might ask yourself, “What are some of the ways this could play out that will be to my benefit?” Or, “What is the lesson in this for me? What can I learn from this to make sure I don’t repeat this mistake?”  Figure out ahead of time what you will say to yourself so that you are prepared.  Because let’s face it…These situations WILL come into our lives at one point or another.  I just hope you feel empowered to view them differently the next time they come up.



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