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Act “As If”

The Seven Day Mental Diet
Guiding Principle Six
Act “As If”

Have you ever noticed your body language when you’re happy and excited versus when you’re sad and depressed?  When you’re in a great mood you smile, stand straighter, walk faster and talk more quickly.   On the other hand, when you’re depressed your body is typically drooping, shoulders hunched, head down, and face downcast.

Another mental law that is helpful in the Seven Day Mental Diet is the Law of Reversibility.  If situations can affect your emotional state, then inducing that same emotional state will manifest the same situations into your life. It’s creating something that’s already there, should you really want it. It requires focus, imagination and faith – in yourself.

The Law of Reversibility means that if you know how you hold your body and face and how you behave when you are happy and positive, you can then create that feeling by “acting as if” you are happy regardless of your actual mood. If you speed up the way you talk and your movements, smile, raise your eyebrows, open your eyes, look upward, stand straighter, you will start to actually feel happier and more positive.

Because “acting as if” can be very helpful in changing emotional states, it is often used as a therapy technique for dealing with depression. Patients are instructed to go through the routines of life as though they are enjoying them even though in reality they are depressed. In the beginning, it may feel forced or fake, but eventually their mood starts to reflect their behavior.

“Acting as if” you are positive, enthusiastic and upbeat will lead to real changes in your mental state. If you “act as if” you are having a great day, any negative thoughts will be pushed out and replaced with positive thoughts. Those positive thoughts will actually result in positive things being attracted into your life and you’ll find your day turning around.  If you smile even when you have nothing to smile about, you’ll find that soon you will have something to smile about.  Try it!



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