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How to Save Money with GasBuddy

How to Save Money with GasBuddy

Another one of my favorite and most used apps on my phone is called GasBuddy.  It’s available for iPhone, androids or at as well.  This is a free app that gives you the current gas prices in the area that you specify.

You are able to run searches based on location or price.  The location search is really nice when you’re traveling and you’re not familiar with the area.  You can see how far away the next gas station is as well as find a station with the best prices.  I love being able to search for gas prices near me with one click of a button.  Based on my GPS location, the app will find all of the stations and their current prices.  This lets me decide whether I should stop to get gas right away or if I should wait it out for a few more stations to go by.

I have my app set to sort gas prices based on who has the cheapest price.  With one glance I can tell which station to go to.  There are several stations in my area and because they are all so close, I’ll usually pick the one with the cheapest price.

Prices are updated by people who see the prices.  You can actually earn points toward rewards by consistently and accurately updating gas prices when you see a change or even by confirming that a previous price has not changed.  GasBuddy runs raffles for free gas cards and other prizes and you can use the points you earn to “purchase” entries into the drawings.

Another awesome feature of this app is that it will notify you when gas prices will be going up.  Without fail, someone in the office where I used to work would come out and tell everyone that prices were going up and we would all end up leaving to get our gas while it was cheap, especially when it would say prices were significantly increasing.

Overall, I love this app.  I love being able to save money and know exactly who has the best deals with the click of a button.  If you haven’t tried it yet, I would definitely recommend it.

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